Coroutines are great. Period. When they were introduced along with Kotlin 1.3 we immediately knew that they were going to be a game changer. And they are indeed. Easy to learn. Easy to understand. And so easy to use. When coroutines 1.0.0 were released, many anticipated that it would be the end for RxJava on Android.

It turned out that despite coroutines being great, RxJava was still being picked for many new projects. Why? Probably one of the reasons was that it was well known, sure. …

A product development cycle cannot be successful without an owner. They keep a constant eye on the whole process, have a strong understanding of customers’ needs, and a clear vision of the final product that they can convey to others.

Product Owners are responsible for every step of the software development process. They are like ambassadors among developers who put everything together to deliver the best product possible. Who are they, what are their skills, and key responsibilities?

We examine in this article how crucial Product Owners are to the success of a software project. What makes their job so vital and challenging at the same time?

Who is a Product Owner?

A Product Owner is a member of the product development team who is responsible for managing the project’s workflow and achieving the desired outcome.

A Product Owner is an individual who leads a…

What are the differences between a Proof of Concept, a Prototype, and a Minimum Viable Product, and how can they be useful during software development? Read on to learn more.

Many companies’ lives would be made easier if they could take a straight path from having an idea for an app to building it, releasing it, and reaping the benefits. But unfortunately, software development isn’t that quick or easy. Before the idea for a new app or software can become a reality, a lot of testing and research needs to be done.

Otherwise, it might turn out in the middle of the project that what sounded easy during meetings requires far more work and money than expected, or that you have to deal with one problem after another. …

When developing software, every company must answer this question at some point — which type of application platform to choose? A Web or a Desktop app?

In 2020, 52.4%t of the global population accessed the Internet. This figure is projected to rise to 53.7% in 2021. With increasing internet use worldwide, web applications have significantly grown in popularity. This tendency has only intensified with the growth of companies switching to remote work.

However, it would be best to make a choice based on a much broader analysis. This decision is intended to have a positive impact on the customer experience…

According to Geneca’s report from 2017, 75% of IT executives believe their projects are doomed from the start. The reasons for this pessimistic point of view vary from having to spend time reworking projects, through unclear project objectives, to a lack of cooperation from clients. And that’s only the beginning of possible project management problems.

No matter how carefully you plan and how elaborate the plan is, you might still run into some trouble. And the more complex the plan is, the bigger the risk of things going south. The budget might turn out to be severely underestimated and so…

You’ve just found out that you’ll be responsible for implementing a new IT project into your company or that the team’s track record is less than impressive. You’re breaking out into a cold sweat wondering how to deal with this situation.

Digital transformation makes IT projects unpredictable and quite demanding, creating a fear of failure. That’s why an action plan that is prepared in advance is extremely important for getting closer to success.

This article is not intended to give you instructions for how to create a project plan, but instead provide a list of significant elements that, once implemented…

Imagine driving in the middle of nowhere, without GPS or even a map, and realizing that you’re lost. You have no idea where you are and what to do next. The same situation could happen to your business when you’re starting to implement a new project. And that’s why you need a roadmap.

A roadmap is a prompt for all contributors, shows everyone which stage they are at, and drives them together towards achieving the business goal. If you have never created a project roadmap before and feel a bit overwhelmed thinking about how to do that, you’re in the right place!

Here is a step-by-step checklist that will help you to understand the whole process and ensure that you don’t miss any critical points of the journey.

8 Steps to Create a Software Project Roadmap

Project roadmaps are integral parts of major activities that take place within a business. They give a strategic overview, indicate the most relevant goals, and…

Let’s face it — everyone speaks about digital transformation. Is it just a buzzword, or is there actually business sense behind these two words? We believe it’s the latter.

Businesses all around the world are making digital transformations, and the previous year has accelerated the whole process. It shouldn’t come as a surprise, then, that each and every company wants to keep up with these changes now. From the retail sector to the healthcare industry, 2021 will belong to those organizations that introduce digital transformation in their businesses.

What exactly is digital transformation, though? Why is it so important nowadays? How has 2020 accelerated things?

What benefits will it bring to a company, and what challenges are standing in the way of them making a successful digital transformation? …

Should you be outsourcing your software development idea or rather building an in-house team? Read our guide to find out what the differences between each approach are.

You just had a brilliant idea for a new web or mobile app that will be a perfect fit for your audience. Or maybe, after carrying out some long research, you realized that none of the automation systems on the market has the specific features you need for your company. You need a product built from the ground up, tailored to your company’s particular needs. But here comes the question: should you make it with your in-house team or have it outsourced to a software development company?

On the one hand, having a group of talented developers in the vicinity…

Finding a nearshoring software development partner, while less risky than offshoring, still requires thorough research. What should you take into consideration when searching for an outsourcing partner?

As convenient for companies in-house hiring is, the high costs of getting someone to work full-time can start to outweigh the benefits. Finding the right candidate for your company takes plenty of time, and the financial expectations of specialists in a given area are only growing. Add to this job benefits, taxes, office supplies, equipment, licenses, training, and the time needed for an employee to become productive, then suddenly hiring people to work full-time starts to not seem like such a good option.

But that’s not the end of the problems that come nowadays with getting people to work for…

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